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Now there's an easy way to evenly distribute all chaff coming off your combine's sieves. The Spreader is a unique attachment that scatters residue that's not distributed by the original chopper or spreader.

Dealer inquires are 1-800-428-9046

It's a must for no-till or minimum-till operations. When harvest residue is evenly spread on the ground, a consistent soil temperature and moisture level is maintained, eliminating cold, wet strips in the spring. You'll be ready for easy, one-pass planting...with better germination and increased weed control

See the difference yourself by comparing fields that use The Spreader vs. those that don't.

Several models are available to fit most combines. We offer the largest single and double units in the industry---choose from 52" "singles" or a 64" "double" spreader to perfectly match your machine. All feature sturdy rubber paddles to safely and effectively move the chaff. A wide variety of optional polyethylene pans, pan extensions and back shields are available to boost performance by keeping chaff moving.

Call TODAY to order your Spreader.
They start at $1250.00.

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