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Corn Plot Dryers

Don't trust your valuable seed to a drying system with a history of problems. The dryer plenums and boxes built by The Spreader are especially designed to mate with the uniquely configured GSI fan and burner combination to provide unequaled precision temperature control, uniform and homogenous airflow (no temperature stratification) to all areas of the drying boxes and indefinitely variable airflow control from full off to full open.

The configuration and volume of the plenums provide for even distribution of dryer airflow and the heavy-duty construction of these boxes and plenums means they'll last a lifetime. The superimposed perforated plates in the plenums provide airflow control by a screw adjustment. The configuration of the two plates also uses the air pressure in the plenum to seal these two plates in the closed position to essentially eliminate air leakage.

The computer controlled burner system is configured with flame sensing and flame control components that are unique to this industry and second to none in precision control and safety. The system incorporates multi-levels of monitoring to insure the safest drying conditions for maintaining seed vitality.

The Spreader has been building these rugged boxes and plenums for the seed industry for over five years with no failures or problems. The basic GSI systems have been used for many years in thousands of commercial applications around the country. The ruggedness and durability of all components of this system are time-proven.

These systems are relatively low in cost and the sizing and configuration of the design make them very affordable to operate. The systems are designed to operate effectively and efficiently anywhere from tropical environments to the cold temperate climates.

If you're looking for the "Cadillac" of seed industry dryers, this one is unsurpassed in its level of safety, precision control, reliability, durability, ease of operation, high efficiency and low cost.

Contact us for for information about the features of this drying system.